Aisha Dillard
Miss Prominent Pearl 2012

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Thank You!
How do you say 'thank you' for sunshine or health...
For clear days or gentle rains...
For happiness, joy or love?
You say it by sharing what you have.
You say it by making the world a better place in which to live.
                                                                                                                 - Thomas D. Willhite

My sincerest appreciation is extended to the following people:

♥  My mother and father, Deon & Salwa Dillard
♥  My escort, Seth Emmanuel Adams
♥  My escorts' parents, Edward & Celeste Adams
♥  Tariq & Aisha El-Amin
♥  Jamilah Rahim
♥  Asad Rahim
♥  Kisha Tate
♥  Michelle Kennedy
♥  Brand Images USA
♥  Alfonso & Pilar Davis
♥  Gregg & Susette Lunceford
♥  Kirby and Traci Jones
♥  Karen Washington
♥  Rosalind Faulkner-Booker
♥  Paul & Michelle Johnson
♥  Randal, Carole and Lauren Dawson
♥  Dr. Robert & Dr. Tonya Coats
♥  Attorney Christopher & Dr. Sydney Davis
♥  Trishna Harris
♥  Lisa Porter
♥  Mr. & Mrs. Marlo & Kenya Varnado
♥  Terrence & Alison Wright
♥  JFlhair Serious Hair Studio
♥  Tanya Stringer
♥  Eugenia Pauling
♥  Dr. Albert & Erica Reynolds
♥  Phyllis Adams
♥  The Fa'iz Family
♥  Shay Brokemond
Lisa Harrell
  Mrs. Elm 
  Greg Malone
♥  Monica Roundtree
  Kirkland & Mokneque Morris

♥  Pretty Brown Girl
  Deanna Faison
  Janice Riddle
  Della Price
  Chaka & Tracey Patterson
  Robert Rose, Jr & Misha Blackman
  Felicia Speaks
  Adriane Anderson
  Nicole Anderson
  Fontella & Nia Long
  Candace Tyndall
  Tineka Lewis
  Jack & Jill of America South Suburban Chapter
  Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
♥  Stephanie Farrow
 Lisa & Deja Rollins
♥  Mrs. Venezio
♥  Katina & Kai Anderson
♥  Steve & Kisha Smith
♥  Maggie Muhammad
♥  Jamilah Anderson

♥  Kenya Templeton
♥  Bernadette Sharp
  Dr. Nicole Boler-Winburn
  Kylie Tulloch
  Marina Pavin
  Jennifer Yos
  Rita Taylor-Nash
  Joyce Eaton
  Cafe O'Hair
  Attorney Deadra Stokes
  Lauren Cutrone
  Teri Lewis
 Alise Buford
  Cindy Simpson
  Daniel Wilkerson
  Jennifer Norrell
  Alison Wright
  Yolanda Williams-Corner
  Principal Gardner
  Keith Mounia
  Mical & Lorine Clark
  Tracey Dillard
  Brooke Vesely
  Patrice Henderson
  Cynthia Henderson
  Craig & LaTonya Burton
  Tamisha Causey
  Eileen Letts
  Monique Adams
  Bloomin' Headz
 Pasha Golliday
♥  Kamaca Pierce
  Dequiana Brooks-Jackson
  Bimkubwa Hannah
  Michelle Hoereth
  Rebecca Pugh
 Cassaundra Rouse
 Vanessa and Kristen Byrd
Lisa Adams

           ***As I get donations, I will add your name or company to celebrate you!***


Please choose one of the following ways to donate:

1. Write your tax-deductible check to Twenty Pearls Foundation Incorporated with Aisha Dillard in the 
    memo section and contact us at 708.250.8033 or for mailing/pick-up 

2. Make an online payment via PayPal at and enter Aisha 
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Please note: Deadline for submitting money and ads - Saturday, March 17, 2012.

Thank you in advance for your love and support.
For more information please feel free to email me at or contact my parents at 708.250.8033.

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